Buying; Selling; Exhibiting; or renting a painting, but how do you justify its price? Rated Canvas ratings bring more objectivity in the decision making process. With decisions based on ratings, you will be more confident about your decision and be sure that the art work is worth your time and money.

So next time you are evaluating a painting, either as an painter or art collector or renter or rentee or exhibitor, ask for its ratings. Since Rated Canvas assigns rating only to a professional grade painting, there could be only 2 reasons why painting is unrated: 1. Painting hasn’t been rated yet. or 2. Paining was assessed, but couldn’t meet professional grade criteria. In either case, please contact us and make a more informed decision.

Rated Canvas provides independent assessment of the quality of paintings through ratings.

As a part of rating process, a unique Painting ID is created for each painting. Painting ID contains painting details, specific to painting, and rating.

Painting ID is in the following format:

<Artist Name>-<Painting Type>-<Year of Production>-<Size (inches)>-<Title>-<Media>-<Rating>

e.g. ArtiGoel-Abstract-2012-36×36-CityLights-Acrylic-AAB

All assessment and ratings are done by a 3 member rating committee. Members of rating committee are picked from a pool of industry veterans; critics; and experts with PHD in visual arts.

Ratings can range from AAA+ to PPP. AAA+, the highest rating any painting could achieve, indicates exceptional piece of art. PPP rating indicates good professional work. Rated Canvas only assigns rating to professional grade paintings. So even-though PPP is the lowest rating, it still indicates that painting is a good professional grade work.

Rating nomenclature has been designed to reflect independent view of each rating committee member. Each letter in rating reflect the rating assigned by individual rating committee member. User of rating can thereby decide on his/her own to either go with overall rating or go with any single rating committee member.

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