Rating is a symbolic indicator of the quality of a painting based on the technical assessment of the art work by industry experts.

Assessment of painting is done by 3 member rating committee. Rating committee members are picked from a pool of industry veterans; critics; and experts with PHD in visual arts.

Following is the list of possible ratings:

  • AAA+ (Exceptional)
  • AAA
  • AAB
  • ABB
  • BBB
  • BBP
  • BPP
  • PPP (Good Professional Grade)

Rating nomenclature has been designed to reflect independent view of each rating committee member. Each letter in rating reflect the rating assigned by individual rating committee member. User of rating can thereby decide on his/her own to either go with overall rating or go with any single rating committee member.

Rated Canvas only assigns rating to professional grade paintings. So even-though PPP is the lowest rating, it still indicates that painting is a good professional grade work.

Ratings are broadly based on the following criteria:

1. Theme
2. Style
3. Medium
4. Creativity
5. Color Tones
6. Composition
7. Attention to details
8. Non-traditional elements
9. Aesthetics

Rating Committee Members:

Prof. Jai Zharotia

  • Former Professor and Head of Department, MFA, College of Art, New Delhi, India.
  • Senior Fellow, Visual Arts, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India.
  • National Awards, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
  • Organized Smithsonian Printmaking Workshop, Smithsonian Institute Washington DC.
  • Life Time Achievement Awards by Utsav Educational & Cultural Society.
  • Priyadarshini Award for outstanding Services, Achievements, and Contribution.

Dr. Ruchi Vidyarthi

  • PHD, visual arts.
  • Published several papers, including research on ‘Analysis of principles of Chitrasoot in Kangra paintings’.
  • Contemporary artist, likes experimenting with media.

Mr. Rohit Sharma

  • Celebrated artist from New Delhi, with several solo exhibitions to his credit.
  • Swapan Biswas Award from College of Art, New Delhi, India.
  • Biswanath Mukerjee Award from College of Art, New Delhi, India.